Indian Brides Are So Beautiful. I Also Want To Marry Such A Beautiful Bride!

The makeup of different regions will vary greatly, but recently it has been really beautiful by the brides of Indian girls. Next, I want to take you to feel the different customs of Indian brides. I really want to marry such a beautiful bride home!

Indian cosmetic method: 1.A darker Foundation: first of all, create a healthy complexion with a slightly darker foundation than the skin color. At the same time, the inner contour is brightened, and the shadow of the nose beam is swept away from the eyebrows with shadow. 2.Rough black eyeliner: the eye is the focal point of the whole makeup face, and the black eye line is covered with thick black lines to make the eyes appear large and round.

3.Bright purple eye shadow: the inner eyelid of the upper eyelid is brushed with a layer of Pearl White on the middle part, and the middle part of the upper part of the eyelid is stained with purple from the tail of the eye. The color is drawn from the deep and shallow upper eyelid and lower eyelid with dark purple eye shadow. Then, a bright purple is seen from the eye socket at the end of the eye socket with the barb technique. Do not fill the entire eye socket to the 1/3 at the end of the eye. The lower eye also uses bright purple to brush a light eye shadow as long as it reaches 1/2 at the end of the eye. 4.Dense eyelashes: only the dense eyelashes can highlight the look of the eyes. Therefore, the treatment of eyelashes should be strengthened. The upper eyelashes can be made of false eyelashes, so that the eye makeup effect has more visual impact. When you operate, first apply a little adhesive on the edges of the false eyelashes. After about 5 seconds, turn the false eyelashes to make them soft. Then adjust the angle of the false eyelashes, gently massage the false eyelashes along the eyelash root with tweezers, then brush the mascara, so that the genuine and false eyelashes are fully fused.

5. Draw thick eyebrows: thick eyebrows and big eyes are the characteristics of Indian make-up. In addition to adding black and bold eyebrows, it is also an important skill to pick on the small arc at the eyebrow tail, which can well set off the classical temperament. 6. Orange blush: Blush should not be too strong. Orange or brick red blush sweep the zygomatic arch to the root of the ear. 7. Bright red lip gloss: use bright peach red lip gloss to describe the lips, do not use lip oil, it can make the lips look more charming and textured.