How To Choose And Design The Room Color Correctly, These 60 Pictures Are Worth Collecting!

It’s all about our lives.
No matter where you are or what kind of life you live,
No matter what kind of material, spiritual and spiritual needs you have,
The surrounding color is always the primary factor affecting the balance of body and mind.
The hard decoration in the home will not change for several years,
And fashion people want to change their mood every season,
Therefore, the color matching of home soft decoration becomes more and more important.
Here’s a collection of 60
Soft color scheme.

Color can have a variety of psychological effects, especially for children, especially sensitive to color, so we should be very careful in choosing color. Generally speaking, children’s rooms are relatively suitable for using bright and lively colors. For example, as older children, they can choose a neutral milky white system, which is more stable. If it’s a boy, you can choose the light blue, milky white mixed color. The light blue color gives a sense of calm. This color is easy to help the child develop a gentle and stable character. For a girl’s bedroom, you can choose the light pink and milky white mixed color. This warm and sweet color can help the child develop a gentle, careful and quiet character.

Good indoor color matching can not only lighten the living environment, but also reflect the use function of different regions to a certain extent.
For example, because the main function of the hall is to entertain guests and public rest places, the use of ivory white, light yellow, light blue and other colors can highlight the leisure and help relax the body. The dining area suggests that you use bright colors to promote appetite. In order to create a comfortable sleeping atmosphere, the bedroom often uses blue and warm yellow to create a quiet space.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia the specific preventive measures are as follows:
Try to reduce going out, do not go to places where there are many people, and do not close contact with anyone who has a cold or flu like symptoms;
When going out to public places, medical treatment and transportation, please wear medical surgical mask or N95 mask;
Pay attention to hand hygiene, wash hands frequently, use hand sanitizer or soap, wash hands with running water.
When sneezing or coughing, don’t cover with your hands. Cover your mouth and nose with your elbows or paper towels;
Rooms and workplaces should be kept clean, windows should be opened frequently, and ventilation should be maintained;
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Prepare common materials, such as thermometer, disposable mask, household disinfection supplies, etc.