How to DIY Build a Beautiful and Colorful Garden

I have a courtyard,
Facing the sun, flowers bloom in spring.
Summer is hot and dazzling, autumn is full of poetry
What do you think of the courtyard?
Share 46 small gardens with flowers and trees,
I hope they can convey peace and comfort to your mind.

Plant flowers in all corners of the yard,
Thick and colorful, simple and elegant
They are opening up in clusters,
Flowers in full garden.

Choose a flower you like,
There is no limit to species and flowering time.
In this way, freedom is blooming,
Feel the change of the courtyard with the most free heart.

By setting a large door or pavilion at one end of the garden as the visual focus, the style of the small garden can be upgraded. It attracts people’s eyes and makes the space look bigger. Here, a large decorative open style pavilion adds a visual weight to the small courtyard. In addition, it also supports the climbing rose crown. The white lilies in the central planting bed set off the white rose and the pavilion very well.

Use any posture you like to exist in the arrogant space,
Don’t look for anything,
I just want to listen to the heartbeat that has been covered by the noisy world for a long time
A small view of harmony between man and nature,
Interpretation of the pursuit of beauty and urban life taste!