How To Create a Comfortable and Beautiful Home With Green Plants When Spring Flowers Are Blooming!

In the spring and March, everything is booming,
The sun and the moon in the world are warming at any time,
After a tough winter,
Finally ushered in the spring of hope.
In spring, there should be color, green
And most of our families,
Often the interior is monotonous or even lack of color,
At this time, put some green potted plants at home,
It’s more tension,
Especially in living room, room, toilet and other spaces.
Now, here we go
Introduction of a home green plant decoration strategy.

Water plants or high stem plants,
For example, water raises rich and valuable bamboos, evergreen trees and rich trees.
Because these places are usually windy,
There are trees and water in the air,
It is good for keeping the balance of humidity and temperature in the room.

Ivy, fig, pitcher and aloe,
Not only to deal with the germs brought back from the streets,
Insects and other harmful substances,
It can even absorb dust that even a vacuum cleaner can’t,
It is suitable to be placed in the living room where people come and go.

The decoration of the study is mostly single in color,
If you want to make your study full of life,
Create a comfortable learning environment,
Decorate the study with these green plants,
It can not only add color to the study,
It can also purify the air.

Flowers and trees,
It can make the whole family live,
One flower, one leaf,
There is individuality from form to function.
To protect us from the wind and rain,
It gives us warmth and hope,
It’s our harbor,
But also our spiritual sustenance.