Wear Mask To Cut These 45 Hairstyles, Bring Mysterious Beauty!

If you want to wear a mask, it can also give you a mysterious beauty,
A good hairstyle can see your beauty at a glance even if it doesn’t show up.

In 2020, the trend of short hair is that the high-level short hair under the ear is contracted, showing the hair style of a little boy with his ears exposed, and the highlights are more attractive. Through pickling, the original simple short hair becomes more fluffy and textured, increasing the fluffy degree of hair, fashionable and attractive!

Ultra short hair is also very popular in the past two years. It’s a hair style that can reflect the self style of girls. It’s fashionable and has a small face. It’s also suitable for girls who have little hair. The ultra short hair that has also been cut by bangs has a stronger sense of spirit, a little refreshing and smart. It’s a very high-end and very valuable short hair.

What short hair of a girl’s face is the most obvious? A short wave with eyebrows must go! The arc-shaped cutting of neat ears hair makes the head full, and the slight curling and slanting bangs make the girl with big head also have oval face. It’s a hairstyle with small face and age reduction. If there is no defect in the first half of the girl’s face, it’s recommended to try this kind of short hair. It’s also full of temperament to focus on the facial features!

Fluffy Bob is also the main type of girl’s short hair, and Bob with strong air sense is also a must for small face! The hair tail can be layered and ironed to achieve this kind of downward movement. It is suitable for all kinds of face types, and the oblique banged square face with large partial points also shows the style! A super versatile short hair.

Cut short hair for womanliness? A smooth short hair is recommended to you. Short hair under the ear + gentle breeze and bangs give a soft impression. It matches Asian women’s gentle temperament very well, and sweet age reduction will not appear too childish. And short straight hair feels more capable, which is also the first choice for women in the workplace.