It’s Cold. Add A Warm Coat To Your Nails!

It’s getting colder,
Even nails have to change season!
The hottest nail color this fall and winter
It should be milky coffee, coffee and amber
The biggest feature of this brown tone nail color is that it doesn’t choose skin color

French manicure is one of the most classic manicures
The style is simple but unique
The flat, round and inverted-V have their own characteristics
When you don’t want to be solid
I don’t know what style to make
It must be right to choose it!

These nail skills, learn is to earn!

1.before applying nail polish, you can apply Vaseline or other softening and moisturizing products around your nails.

2.When applying the primer, first apply the top half of the nail and then the full nail. This allows fingernail nail polish to last longer.

3.In order to better highlight the color of other nail polish, you can first apply a white nail polish to the bottom oil.

4.Before applying nail polish, you can apply a layer of tear oil. When you remove nail polish, it is much easier.

5.Be careful not to shake your nail polish, it’s easy to create bubbles.

6.You will find that the nail polish that is not used is not easy to turn off. You can turn it upside down in warm water and twist it off easily~

7.After finishing the nail polish, clean up the bottle cap or smear a little Vaseline. Next time you won’t be able to open it.

8.The small clip can easily draw lovely wave points, and can easily make beautiful manicure~

9.Transparent glue is also a good helper to easily make creative geometric manicure~

10.Right, right, right. You’re right. The rubber band can help you draw the perfect French a~

11.Pigment (eye shadow) mix transparent nail polish, private custom of your greasy color ~

12.After you finish your nail polish, put your hands in the ice water, so that your nails will dry quickly. Don’t put it too long, because it’s cold! Cool! Cool!

13.You have wood found that bling bling nail polish is super hard to discharge, and ordinary nail polish remover can not be unloaded. You can try wrapping your nails in tinfoil and soaking them in cotton wool for a while. You can remove them quickly~