Tattoo Design And Implication Of Paper Airplane

The flying paper plane when I was a child,
It brings people the imagination of flying freely.
The paper plane is tattooed on the body,
What kind of special meaning does it have?
Which paper airplane tattoo would you like?

Paper Plane,
Carrying the memory of childhood.
Remember when we were young,
Always take a breath at the head of the plane,
Throw it out,
Whose plane flies the highest, farthest and longest?
The paper plane was tattooed on the body,
What kind of moral does it have?

Paper Plane,
Once thrown, it will soar in the air, unrestrained and fluttering with the wind,
Not being held back by everything,
Flying carefree.

The paper plane is also a symbol of strength,
It’s always flying,
When you are frustrated, you don’t know where your warm harbor is,
Only with the wind to tell their own suffering, and then, continue to fly.

The flying paper plane,
Singing a song quietly,
It forms a beautiful melody,
Tell your story to the wind.

Where to fly,
Where does the song go,
You like music,
How can you miss the opportunity to listen to the voice of the paper plane?

Everything has the right to pursue dreams,
Paper airplanes are no exception.
The paper plane has a world tour
Free heart,
Would you like to take it with you?

You can belittle the power of a chopstick,
But I advise you not to underestimate the power of a paper plane.
It is unruly and soaring in the air.
You never know what it’s going to look like next second,
It could be an airplane,
It could also be a rocket.

If you can’t hold the sand, you’d better lift it.
Don’t look back when you’ve decided on your way,
Believe that the good things are behind us,
Go with the paper plane.

The paper plane walking alone,
You may have seen it a lot.
The paper plane that has something to worry about,
Does it warm your heart a lot?
Whether it’s a confidant or a partner,
Always with each other,
Do you feel much warmer in an instant?